Friday, January 21, 2011

All things Girly

Who doesn't love to play dress up and pretend like your a princess or a ballerina? I do, so I thought why not make a bow holder fit for a darling dancer! This bow holder is one that I made on my own but had a lot of inspiration from looking at many different ideas throughout blogland.

I made the Bow Holder I used fabric, batting, cardboard,tuelle, ribbon,a glue gun and lighter.

To start I traced and cut out the body portion out of cardboard...if I make another one I might use something more sturdy but that is what I had to work with. Then cut fabric and batting and place over cardboard. Glue to the backside. Then I cut out tuelle and glued it to the bottom of the body portion. Next I added the ribbons which I singed before hand with a lighter as to prevent it from fraying. Last I made some bows and added some finishing touches. It was really fun to make!

I needed some cute picture frames but didn't want to pay a fortune for them. All I did with these is use Mod Podge and glue the fabric unto canvas and let it dry. Then I added scrapbook clips to hang the pictures up and added some bows. Pretty cute and super easy to make!

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