Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Messy Valentine's

I LOVE everything about Valentines….okay maybe not the stuffed animals...or the big boxes of cheap chocolate but I love everything else. So when I thought of something fun to get my kids in the holiday mood I decided to make them a sensory bin.

We used to have a sensory table when I worked at a preschool and the kids loved it. Some would play in it all day if we let them. So I thought I would make one at home.

All you need is a big plastic container to start with. I found all of my items that I put in the bin at the dollar store. Oh the dollar store oh how I love thee…. Here is what I purchased.

2 bags of colored paper confetti, one red and one white

1 bag of rose petals

1 bag of plastic heart containers

1 bag of pink heart gems

That’s it! Let them go have fun.

P.S.- It may get messy!

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