Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eddie Ross Ornament Wreath

I must tell you that this wreath is the entire reason why I decided to change my attitude about wreaths because well lets face it I used to hate them....but I hate them no more. I first saw this idea last year but didn't get around to actually putting it together until this year. It is a work in progress and I might change it later but here it is for now.

The ornaments I used for this project were purchased at the Dollar Store. They are cheap plastic and won't break! Hooray! I took a wire hanger apart and bent it into an circle shape. I then put on the ornaments in an alternating pattern. To end I tried using a pair of pliers and twisting it together and then ended up putting twisty ties on it. It looks okay put I still want to fix it. I saw on Pinterest that someone just bought a foam wreath and stuck the ornaments in. Maybe I will have to try that, but for now I like it!

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